What AI Generated Art Means for Human Creativity

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5 min readNov 23, 2022

Rise of AI Generated Art

In early 2021, we saw the massive popularity in NFT arts and how the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has disturbed the art society, industry and art collecting world as a whole. A little more than a year has passed and we are presented with another tech that is once again rocking the art world — or AI generated art.

‘AI’ artwork generation tools such as Stable Diffusion or DALL-E are taking the art world by storm. These tools empower ordinary people the ability to rapidly create incredibly detailed and powerful digital images based on prompts — or merely descriptive words. Want to see a lemon character relaxing on the beach? Just type away and you will get various visual results in a matter of minutes. Now, the limitation of your digital creation will only be your imagination.

AI Artwork Generation Platforms

There is no better way to feel the impact of this new technology on digital artist and non-artist alike than to try it yourself. Currently, there are many AI artwork generation platforms publicly available where you can generate AI images for free, some include:

  1. Pollinations, Official website: https://pollinations.ai/
  2. Lexica, Official website: https://lexica.art/
  3. Dream by Wombo, Official website: https://dream.ai/
  4. NightCafe, Official website: https://creator.nightcafe.studio/

Future of AI Generated Content

It wouldn’t be a surprise that AI generated content will expand to other types of creations including photography, videos, music, written stories, etc. Where will these technologies take us to in a few years’ time? And how will it impact the jobs and careers of digital artist, illustrators, photographers, and composers?

As a creative person myself, I believe we should keep an open-minded attitude towards new tech and embrace these tech as tools for more efficient content creations. Can you imagine the filming industry reverting back to analog filming and video editing? While this field is still at its infancy, each and every one of us can help push the boundaries of human creativity forward by leveraging the power of tech.

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